Welcome to the first TrustMedia's experience!

The band Prodigy pioneered the TrustMedia concept. As appetiser of their forthcoming album, the ground-breaking band released their track 'Memphis Bells' as a digital download available in a “while stock last” limited edition of 5,000 pieces.

Following Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe prints concept, each downloads was a unique variation of the track, accompanied with a unique variation of the artwork. Through an interface fans were able to choose their favourite version from various bell melodies, beat flavours, guitar effects and mixes (headphone/mp3, original/mp3, big/pcm and 5.1/dts).

The download started the 28th of June 2004 at 20:25 GMT+1.
The last version sold was Wednesday 30th of June at 11:54 GMT+1.

The 5,000 versions were gone.

XL Recordings (Prodigy's label) and TrustMedia wanted to make it limited and confidential. Contrary to what they had planned, the demand was extreme (more than 300,000 hits on the first hour). Servers in London and Brussels were more than once driven to the wall. Due to this incredible demand, fans able to purchase their version were quite lucky (the sale was limited to 5,000 pieces).

Anyway, Memphis Bells are now jingling through cyberspace.