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November 2008

TrustMedia's Australian patent granted


December 2007

TrustMedia makes Belgian artists sing together

While the political situation in Belgium is facing an acute crisis between Walloon and Flemish, TrustMedia gathered artists from both sides of the country for an interactive version of "Voir un ami pleurer" from Jacques Brel. All artists sing in French and Dutch. You can create your own duo. Try it out, you can download versions for free:

January 2007

TrustMedia's US patent granted

After a first provisional patent filed in 2001 and the patent application filed in February 2003, the US patent has been granted. You can see the details of the patent here.

Canada, Europe, Japan, China, Australia and Hong-Kong, which have been filed later, are still pending.


July 2006

TrustMedia recieved notification allowance from the USPTO

Things are now moving for us at the USPTO. We received a ‘patent allowance notice' for the patent we filed in 2004 in the United States. We expect the patent to be granted very soon. European countries, Canada , Japan , Australia , China and Honk-Kong , where patents are still pending, will follow.


Article about TrustMedia, January 2006

Erasure pioneers customised MP3 sales


Press release, March 2005

Erasure Trust the Media

“He loves, he loves me not…”

You probably remember this little game about love – picking petals off a flower one by one. It is with this kind of love game that Erasure is opening his new download site. Through an amazing interface (created by audiogame) somewhere between Fantasia and Star Wars, you can choose you favourite version of the Erasure's new (and one of the best) single “Don't say you love me”.

Based on Andy Warhol's work, this new concept developed by TrustMedia was launched few months ago with the band Prodigy. It twisted a huge cyber spree (300,000 demands at the opening, all versions gone in few hours).

Now Erasure is taking over next with a more romantic concept: Love and words. So, it is not surprising that game is around…

Erasure has carefully created and chosen several possibilities in their work. They offer you to pick your own favourite version up amongst the different interpretations created by them.

Don't miss it, it is a limited edition: Every single version of the music and artwork are unique – the moment you get yours no-one else will be able to get an identical version.

Enjoy the wonderful interface or buy your personal version, it's all here:


Press release, February 2005

Make your own sex with Soldout

It's with the band Soldout that TrustMedia has released this hit you can't miss: I don't want to have sex with you.
Thanks to a shaking interface, which already a big hype on the net, you can choose the following possibilities..

For the vocals, Soldout has recorded live versions of ‘I don't want…' during our amazing tour. You can also find specials versions of the vocals.
One bedroom take where you can hear Charlotte singing shortly after she woke up.
Another take with David singing in the chorus.
And a quite surprising duo with Charlotte and David singing face to face.

There are also some guests:
Wonder Greg from Ghinzu on a cutting and flying guitar.
Nervous Marc Em on a drum that fuckin' rocks (beat rock).
Marcan on a shaking and harmonic subBassDrum line (sub).



Press release, September 2004

Airlock Trust the Media

After the launch of his new concept with The Prodigy (300,000 demands at the opening), TrustMedia ( ) is going on with Airlock.

Internet users are able to create a unique variation of an extract from their last album « Symptomatic ».

The sale has started Tuesday 21st of September. Personalized versions of the track « Shape of light » are exclusively available on Airlock's website ( ). Users can hear and choose the voice, rhythm, bass, piano, pad and chorus…

Unlike other online music distributions, formats are well supported, without restriction and with a high level of quality: mp3, wav/pcm and DTS 5.1.

Watch out, this release of « Shape of light » is available as a “while stock last” limited edition of 3,600 items accompanied with a unique variation of the artwork.

Better be the first…


Press release, July 2004

Prodigy Trust the Media

TrustMedia ( ) has launched a new way to create and distribute music online. While the music industry is facing piracy with an old distribution scheme desperately based on the control of the copy , TrustMedia comes up with a completely new model based on interactivity and personalisation . While avoiding piracy, this new approach is revolutionising the relationship between the artist, art and the audience.

The band Prodigy pioneered the TrustMedia concept. As appetiser of their forthcoming album, the ground-breaking band released (on ) their track 'Memphis Bells' as a digital download available in a “while stock last” limited edition. Following Andy Warhol 's Marilyn Monroe prints concept, each downloads was a unique variation of the track, accompanied with a unique variation of the artwork. Through an interface (created by Marc Em ), fans were able to choose their favourite version from various bell melodies, beat flavours, guitar effects and mixes (headphone/mp3, original/mp3, big/pcm and 5.1/dts).

The download started the 28th of June 2004 at 20:25 GMT+1.
The last version sold was Wednesday 30th of June at 11:54 GMT+1.

XL Recordings (Prodigy's label) and TrustMedia wanted to make it limited and confidential . Contrary to what they had planned, the demand was extreme ( more than 300,000 hits on the first hour). Servers in London and Brussels were more than once driven to the wall. Due to this incredible demand, fans able to purchase their version were quite lucky.

Anyway, Memphis Bells are now jingling through cyberspace.

Airlock ( ) will take over next by virtually releasing a track from their new album “Symptomatic”.

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